Android Accessibility Suite for Android APK

Android Accessibility Suite for Android APK

The Android Accessibility Suite app’s description Android Accessibility Suite enables you to operate your mobile device using a variety of switches, such as the USB switch, Bluetooth switch, or even the camera switch with facial motions.


Using the help of the TalkBack feature, you can operate your phone with voice commands and hand movements. You can also choose texts on the screen to hear them rather than reading them.

A sizable on-screen menu for easier configuration management.

Enable Switch Access to use your phone’s various input methods other than the touchscreen.

The Android Accessibility Suite is a suite of accessibility applications that enable hands-free or switch device operation of Android devices.

Android Accessibility

With the Android Accessibility Suite, you can:

• Accessibility Menu: You can lock your phone, adjust the brightness and volume, capture screenshots, and more with the help of this sizable on-screen menu.

• Speak Selected Items: Selected items on your screen will be read aloud.

• Camera Switches can be used to navigate with facial gestures. • Switch Access: Interact with your Android device using one or more switches or a keyboard rather than the touchscreen.

With the TalkBack screen reader, you may text using the on-screen braille keyboard, receive spoken feedback, and operate your device with gestures.


In order to begin:

1. Launch the Settings app on your device.

Choose Accessibility next.

3. Choose TalkBack, Select to Speak, Switch Access, or the Accessibility Menu.

• You can also hold down both volume keys when using TalkBack.

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